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Sit on Lawn Mower Hire

When choosing to hire a lawn mower it is important that you choose the right equipment for the job. Not all lawn mowers are just alike after all.

If you have a smaller lawn or need only a swipe or two to cut your grass then a walk behind mower is a good choice. However, if you have a larger lawn or simply cannot propel a walk behind mower then you may need a sit on mower. There are many brands and designs of sit on lawn mowers on the market today. Alternatively, if you cannot afford or simply prefer not to purchase a new lawn mower you can hire one instead. This gives you the advantage of being able to keep the maintenance up on your lawn and garden area without the worries normally associated with owning larger lawn mowers such as maintenance costs and storage needs.

Sit On Mowers Versus Walk Behind

There are many who prefer walk behind mowers for a variety of reasons. Once again, if you have a fairly small area to mow then a walk behind may be your best choice. However, sit on lawn mowers are perfect for larger areas. There are many residences that have lawns that are many meters in length and width. Mowing these larger lawns with a walk behind mower could take hours or even days. A sit on mower is a much better choice in these instances and there are many places where you can find sit on lawn mower hire for a very affordable cost. You simply have to take the time to look around at various companies in your area and choose the mower and the daily rate that best fit your needs.

Benefits of Sit on Mowers

Sit on lawn mowers offer many benefits, not the least of which is convenience. You will be able to mow and maintain your lawn area much more effectively and efficiently. You can get twice as much mowing done on a sit on mower in half the time as opposed to a push or walk behind mower. They are better for those whose health does not allow them to walk behind a lawn mower for several hours a day as well.

Costs for Hiring

The costs for sit on lawn mower hire will vary depending on where you are, which company you choose and the length of time that you will need the mower. Most charge daily rates that range from about £40 to £75 per day, again depending on a number of factors. You may find that some lawn mower hire companies offer weekend rates which will help you to get your lawn mowed for a much lower cost. Others may simply offer one set day rate and then a lower amount for additional days. Be sure to inquire about the daily fees as well as fees for additional days and late fees when you go to pick up your lawn mower. On average, it should cost you less than £200 per month to keep your lawn in beautiful shape when using a lawn mower hire service.


Sit on Lawn Mower Hire