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Rotary Mower Hire

If you have the need for a lawn mower but do not own one or prefer not to purchase one outright then rotary mower hire can be very beneficial.

You can find many types of rotary mowers for hire depending on the specific company that you choose to hire from. Rotary mowers are powered by either petrol or electric and the specific type that you need depends on the size of your lawn. If you have a smaller lawn that can be mowed completely in just an hour or so then an electric mower is a good choice. They emit much less noise than petrol powered mowers and have no exhaust. However, for larger lawns a petrol rotary mower is the best choice simply because you will need to stop and charge the battery on an electric mower frequently or keep a power cord plugged into the mower at all times in order to completely maintain your lawn. Most people with larger lawns prefer the convenience of a petrol powered rotary mower.

Choosing the Type of Mower That You Need

While the actual power, petrol or electric, will depend on the size of your lawn and your personal preferences, you will need to consider the specific type of rotary mower that you wish to hire before you head down to pick it up. Some models offer self-propelled wheels that make mowing much easier. Others may be very lightweight while still others offer more power. You should take the time to learn a bit about the various models of rotary mowers that are available and then choose the specific model that meets all of your needs. Be sure that when you are ready for your rotary mower hire, the company that you choose offers the specific model that you need.

Costs for Hiring Rotary Mowers

The actual cost of rotary mower hire depends on a number of different factors. You will find that different companies offer different prices. The size of mower that you choose, the power requirement that you prefer and the number of days that you will need the rotary mower all help to determine your overall cost for rotary mower hire. You can take some time to research online at different companies to get an idea of what your overall cost will be. You could also phone up the different companies that offer lawn mower hire in your area to get an idea of the cost. You should determine how long you will need the mower for before you begin searching for prices. You can typically hire a rotary mower for around £20 per day or less in most cases. Additional days typically cost about half of the first day’s hire fee. You may also find that some companies offer special weekend discounts for hiring different tools to maintain your lawn. Check with the companies in your area about these discounts and their specific costs for rotary mower hire as well as any additional costs for delivery and collection of the equipment.


Rotary Mower Hire