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Ride on Lawn Mower Hire

Ride on lawn mowers are the perfect choice for those with larger lawns. If your lawn or garden area is more than 1200 square meters then a riding mower is typically necessary.

Those with smaller lawn areas can use push type mowers or a ride on mower depending on your specific preferences. If you do not own your own ride on mower, you can find a ride on lawn mower hire company that will provide the equipment that you need to keep your lawn and garden in beautiful shape. Most offer a variety of different mower types to ensure that they have the specific machine that you need for your own lawn.

Benefits of Hiring

There are many advantages to choosing ride on lawn mower hire as opposed to purchasing a mower. Of course, cost is an obvious benefit. Ride on mowers can cost thousands of dollars and if you do not mow your lawn or garden area frequently then the cost benefits are high. You can typically hire a lawn mower for a weekend for under £100. Most companies offer discounts for additional days. For instance, you may pay £25 for one day and only £40 for two days. Check with various companies to inquire about specific rates in your area.

Another benefit of ride on lawn mower hire is that there are no maintenance costs associated with keeping your lawn in good shape. Mowers can be very expensive to maintain and ensure that they are always in operating condition. When you choose to hire or rent your mower you are saving yourself hundreds of dollars each year in maintenance costs. You will have no worries of things such as tires, oil changes and other maintenance that mowers require to ensure their functionality. You can also eliminate storage costs that are associated with storing a ride on mower. If you do not have a garage or building for storing your mower then you are going to need to purchase or build a storage shed to keep your ride on mower safe. When you choose to hire your mower you have no need for additional storage.

Cost of Hiring

Again, the actual cost will depend on where you choose to get your ride on lawn mower hire. You should take the time to check out various different companies in your specific area to get an overall idea of the costs associated with hiring these types of machines. Most companies average approximately £50 per day, some a bit more and some a bit less, for ride on mowers. You may also find that additional days are only around £10 or so. Be sure to inquire about discounts for additional days if you feel that one day will not be enough time to properly maintain your lawn. Assuming that you will only landscape your lawn twice each month, your monthly cost for ride on lawn mower hire will be around £100 or so. When compared to the potentially thousands of dollars for purchasing a mower and the maintenance fees associated with owning one, hiring can be very beneficial.


Ride on Lawn Mower Hire