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Power Scythe Hire

Power scythe hire can help you if you need to clear out areas of overgrown grass and brambles but your lawn mower is not powerful enough to handle the job.

They are perfect for use in smaller areas such as woodlands but can also be very advantageous along footpaths or in paddocks. Most power scythes can be adjusted for the perfect cutting height and have heads that adapt to the surface of the ground being cleared. They are typically self-propelled so that they are very easy to use. If you have areas that typically grow over fairly quickly then a power scythe can help you to keep these areas clean from brush and other overgrowth.

Finding a Company

There are many companies that offer power scythe and other lawn and garden equipment for hire. If you do not own these products then hiring can be a good way to keep your lawn in pristine condition without the added expense of maintenance on the equipment and storage fees. Start by doing an online search for companies that offer power scythes for hire. You can also check your telephone book to find companies close to you or in your region.

Costs of Hiring a Power Scythe

The cost of power scythe hire will vary depending on the actual size of equipment that you need, how long you need it and the company that you hire it from. The average cost for hiring a power scythe runs around £60 per day and most companies charge only about half of the first day cost for additional days. In other words, you will pay only about £30 for each additional day. Many companies also hire power scythes out by the week for around £100. You can check prices from companies that offer power scythe hire in your area by phoning the companies or looking online. The internet has many websites of companies that provide lawn and garden equipment for hire. You can simply choose a site that offers equipment hire in your area and look at the prices that they charge. Compare prices from a few different companies if you want to find the lowest cost.

Types of Power Scythes to Consider

A power scythe is the perfect tool for cutting coarse materials or long grass. There are many different types including petrol and electric as well as diesel operated. You will need to determine which specific type that you need. If the area that you are cutting is far away from power sources then an electric power scythe hire is probably not your best bet. A petrol model will be far more advantageous. Take the time to determine which specific type that you need before you hire to ensure that you get the tool that will help you to easily clear out brambles and other vegetation. If you are unsure of what you need the company that you choose to hire from should be able to help you to determine the right power scythe for your needs.


Power Scythe Hire