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Petrol Lawn Mower Hire

Those with larger lawns may find petrol lawn mowers to be much more effective and efficient.

They are a bit heavier and more durable than electric lawn mowers and tend to do a much better job on thicker or higher grass and weeds. If you do not own a petrol mower but would prefer to use one on your lawn you can find petrol lawn mower hire from a variety of different companies around the region.

Benefits of Petrol Mowers

Again, petrol lawn mowers are much more durable and able to handle larger lawns much better than electric types. If you have a fairly large lawn and garden area and would prefer not to have various extension cords running through the yard while you mow then a petrol mower is the best choice. They are not tied to a supply of power so you have the freedom to roam the yard as needed to cut your grass. You also have no worries of cutting through the power cable like you do with typical electric mowers. Essentially, they have much more power than electric lawn mowers and are able to handle the job much more effectively and much more quickly.

Disadvantages of Petrol Mowers

Of course, petrol lawn mowers use petrol which is a problem for those who prefer not to pollute the air with gases. The maintenance is much higher and they typically cost more than the smaller electric versions. In addition, they are a bit noisier than electric lawn mowers. Of course, if you are searching for petrol lawn mower hire then you will have no worries with maintenance costs. You will simply need to pay for the petrol used to mow your lawn.

Costs of Hiring a Petrol Mower

The actual cost of petrol lawn mower hire is going to depend on several different factors. The size of mower that you need will have a large bearing on the overall cost. For instance, a push type mower is going to be a bit less expensive to hire than a ride on lawn mower. You can check with various businesses that offer lawn mower hire to inquire about the specific cost for the size of lawn that you have as well as the mower that you prefer to use. Most charge a specific fee per day with an additional amount for each additional day. For instance, you may pay just £55 per day for one day and an additional £20 per extra day. You may also find many companies that provide a weekend rate so that you have the entire weekend to mow your lawn without worrying about overages in the hire cost.

How to Know if Petrol is Right for You

If you have a larger lawn, say at least ½ acre, then petrol lawn mower hire may be your best choice. Many people simply prefer petrol mowers over electrical mowers because they are much easier to use. They provide much more cutting on a tank of petrol than an electrical mower provides on one charge. The ultimate choice will be up to you, your preferences and your lawn size.


Petrol Lawn Mower Hire