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A lawn scarifier is a beneficial tool for keeping your lawn healthy and beautiful. Typically when you mow your lawn you leave behind debris such as thatch and dead grass.

While you can use a hand rake to remove this debris, if you let it go for very long at a time then a lawn scarifier is going to be a better choice. The smaller tines on hand rakes are simply not effective enough to penetrate your lawn’s ground and allow needed air, water and nutrients to reach the roots of the grass. In order for your lawn to remain healthy and beautiful, it needs a certain amount of carbon and nitrogen. Using a lawn scarifier allows you to give your grass these needed nutrients and keep it healthy. If you do not own this equipment then you can find many companies that offer lawn scarifier hire. This allows you to keep your lawn beautifully maintained and healthy without worrying about the cost of purchasing a scarifier. Many companies offer these tools for a low cost.

How to Use a Lawn Scarifier

If you choose lawn scarifier hire to maintain your lawn then you will need to know how to effectively use the tool. Models that have vertical knife blades are typically best as they allow you to dig into the ground more effectively. You should begin by setting the blades to a shallow depth and make a quick pass over the entire lawn. Once you have finished the first run, change the depth of the blades just a bit and again go over the entire lawn. It is recommended that you follow this procedure and increase the blade depth just slightly before each pass. This is a much more effective and safe way to use the scarifier. If you simply make one run over the lawn you risk tearing your grass.

Types of Scarifiers

There are different types of lawn scarifiers for you to consider. Depending on the specific model, the teeth on the scarifier should run in depths from 0.5 to about 1.5 inches. Many models have teeth that can easily be adjusted when needed. The basic models are manual push type although there are a few models that are self-propelled. These are much easier to use and are the recommended choice for those with larger lawns.

Cost of Scarifier Hire

When choosing lawn scarifier hire you should be aware that the cost will depend on where you hire the equipment, the size of the equipment and how long you need it. The average cost of lawn scarifier hire is around £40 per day or £100 per week. You will find that it is much less expensive to hire the lawn scarifier for the entire week as opposed to one day here and there. If you have a large area to scarify then you should hire the machine for the entire week to ensure that you have plenty of time to treat your entire lawn without worrying about paying overage charges for returning the equipment late.


Lawn Scarifier Hire