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Lawn Mower Hire FAQs

When choosing lawn mower hire there are many things that you should keep in mind. Most people have many questions regarding the practice of lawn mower hire, the costs and where to find quality equipment.

There are many lawn mower hire FAQs on various websites that offer these services. Doing a bit of research will typically give you the answers that you need.

Many lawn mower hire FAQs regard the cost of the hire, the type of lawn mower required for certain jobs and the length of time for the hire. Here are a few commonly regarding lawn mower hire FAQs:

  1. What will it cost to hire a lawn mower – The answer to this question is highly dependent on many different factors. Where you hire the mower, the length of time that you need to keep it and the size and type of mower that you hire all have considerations in the hire cost. Typically, you can hire a ride on lawn mower for around £50 per day. A rotary mower that runs on petrol or electricity will run you around   £20 per day on average.
  2. How long can you keep the lawn mower – This also depends on the company as well as your specific needs. Many will allow you to hire a lawn mower for as many days as you need it. Most will also give you lower rates for the additional days or may offer special weekend rates where you can hire the mower on Friday and not return until Sunday. When determining the length of time that you need you should take into regard your lawn size and how fast you can actually mow the lawn.
  3. Do I need to make a reservation – This also depends on the company that you choose. Most do request that you reserve your lawn mower at least a few days to weeks before you will actually need it. Check with lawn mower hire services in your area to determine whether or not you need to reserve the mower in advance.
  4. Do I need to pick up the lawn mower or will it be delivered – This is another question that depends on the specific company that you use. Many do offer delivery services for an additional fee. They will also collect the mower when you are finished with it. Rates will vary depending on the company and likely the distance traveled. Most companies charge a minimum of £16.50 each way for delivery and collection.
  5. What happens if I break the lawn mower – Most companies that offer lawn mower hire have certain protection and insurance policies to take care of their equipment. However, if the equipment is in your possession when it becomes damaged or is lost then you may be required to pay for the mower. Check with the company to determine their policy on broken, damaged or missing mowers.

If you have additional lawn mower hire FAQs, you can visit the website of the company that you are hiring from or simply do a bit of research to find the answers to your questions. Alternatively, you can telephone the company and ask your questions directly. 


Lawn Mower Hire FAQs