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Maintaining your lawn requires you to own and/or hire various different tools. One of the most important tools for keeping your lawn beautiful is a lawn aerator.

When the top layer of your lawn’s soil becomes compacted it keeps vital nutrients from reaching the roots of your grass. Water and air are needed by grass in order to grow and remain healthy. Keeping your soil from becoming compacted is crucial to keeping your lawn in beautiful condition. For this, a lawn aerator is used. Keep in mind that these are not cheap pieces of equipment and many home owners simply cannot afford to purchase one outright. However, there are many companies that offer lawn aerators hire so that you can keep your lawn in good condition without having to pay for the actual machine.

What is a Lawn Aerator?

A lawn aerator is a machine that creates cavities or small holes in the lawn’s surface. This allows the soil to move and to allow air, water and other vital nutrients in. Using a lawn aerator offers many benefits and there are many things that you need to keep in mind regarding hiring a lawn aerator. You should learn first how to properly use the aerator. While it is beneficial to allow nutrients into the roots of your grass you should note that the grass will stimulate the roots to help fill in the holes caused by the aerator. This may make your grass much denser which could in turn result in the need for more frequent mowing.

When to Hire a Lawn Aerator

You will need to determine how often you should enlist lawn aerators hire. This depends on the specific type of grass that you have in your lawn. Different grass types can be aerated at different times of the year. For instance, cooler season grasses should be done in the fall while warmer season grasses need to be done during the summer. Check to see what type of grass you have to determine when you should hire a lawn aerator. You should only use a lawn aerator when the soil in your lawn is a bit moist. If you aerate your lawn when the soil is too dry or too wet then you can cause problems with your grass.

Cost for Lawn Aerator Hire

The cost for lawn aerators hire is going to depend on the company where you hire the equipment as well as a few other factors. You should determine how long you feel that you will need to keep the machine to give your lawn the proper treatment. Most companies offer daily and weekly rates for lawn aerators hire. The average cost is around £70 per day for petrol powered lawn aerators. You can likely hire the machine for less than £200 if you choose to keep it for an entire week. Check with the company where you plan to hire the machine to inquire about daily and weekly rates. You should note that powered aerators are going to be a bit higher priced but are much more convenient to use.


Lawn Aerators Hire