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Garden Spray Hire

Many gardeners use garden spray products to add herbicides and pesticides to their lawns. Garden sprays come in many different styles and sizes to meet the needs of all lawns and gardeners.

Garden spray hire allows you to rent a sprayer to use on your lawn only when you need it. This helps to deplete the overall cost of purchasing and does not require you to have special storage for the garden spray when you are not using it. It is important that you select a spray that you feel comfortable using. It should be the right size for the job but also a comfortable size for you to use when spraying. Most offer an adjustable spray nozzle as well as a convenient design for carrying and spraying. The garden spray is worn like a backpack on the back making it a very easy tool to use for applying needed chemicals to your lawn and/or garden.

Choosing the Right Garden Spray

Again, because you can find garden spray hire products in various sizes and styles it is important that you know what you need before you reserve your spray. The most basic styles include those that are powered by petrol. They are not terribly expensive to purchase but again, if you do not need a garden spray often or simply prefer not to have to store one when not in use then garden spray hire is an excellent alternative. Some models are actually much more expensive than others. If you have a fairly large lawn and garden area to spray then it may be much less expensive to hire the equipment as opposed to purchasing it outright.

Using a Garden Spray

Before you hire a garden spray it is important that you understand a bit of how to use the equipment properly. You want to be certain that you are practicing safety measures particularly if you are spraying pesticides or other chemicals on your lawn or garden. You should fill the tank, pump and the spray with the correct levels of liquid. Be sure when you reserve your garden spray hire that you inquire about any specific usage directions. You may also want to read up a bit on how to properly spray your lawn and garden to ensure against over applying chemicals.

Average Cost for Garden Spray Hire

The cost for garden spray hire is going to vary from company to company. Most will offer more than one type or design of garden spray. Be sure that you determine the specific size and type of garden spray that you need before you reserve the spray. The average cost for garden spray hire is around £10 to £15 per day although you can often find weekly rates of only about £25 for the entire week. Check online or phone and ask about special weekly rates if you have a fairly large area that you need to spray. Most companies offer lower rates for the second day of hire so if you need the garden spray for only two or three days, your cost for additional days may only be around £5 for each day.


Garden Spray Hire