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Garden Roller Hire

You can find opportunities for garden roller hire from a variety of different companies. Garden rollers have been used for many years to help maintain lawns and make them grow better.

They are used to flatten out bumps in the soil, giving your lawn a much more uniform and smooth appearance. They are constructed of lightweight materials, normally plastic and the cylinder is filled with water or sand which creates a weight that helps to smooth out lumps in the lawn. Garden rollers come in two different types. One type attaches to a garden tractor while the other can easily be pushed by hand. If you have a smaller lawn then a hand pushed garden roller will do the job nicely. Those that attach to tractors are typically used for more professional or commercial applications.

Do You Need a Garden Roller?

If you have a terribly uneven lawn then you may want to consider garden roller hire. This is not a tool that most home owners have readily in their possession so hiring may be necessary for many. The most common reason for lumps in the lawn is a rodent problem. Gophers and other pests typically burrow into lawns and cause holes which in turn can cause your lawn to seem lumpy. Other causes of uneven lawns can include water runoff as well as a generally lumpy soil area to begin with. If you have any of these problems and have noticed that your lawn is not even then you may need to consider garden roller hire to get your lawn back in perfect condition.

How Garden Rollers Work

Garden rollers work by using a cylinder. This cylinder is heavy enough to mash or squash the earth underneath it when it is rolled. There is normally a valve on the side of the roller that will allow you to add water from a garden hose which will make the cylinder heavier. As you push the garden roller over your lawn it will flatten out any lumps in the soil that may be causing your lawn to be uneven. Using a garden roller will not harm your grass. It will however, help your grass to grow better and generally be healthier.

Cost of Garden Roller Hire

The cost of hiring a garden roller will depend on the company, the size of the roller and the length of time that you require use of the roller. Different companies will offer different daily, weekend and weekly rates for garden roller hire. You should query each company to determine which one offers the lowest rates. The average cost for garden roller hire is around £10 to £15 per day or £20 to £30 per week, again depending on where you get the garden roller. Take some time to phone various companies or go online and compare rates for hiring the equipment that you need. This allows you to find and select the company that offers the lowest rate on the lawn care equipment that you need to hire.


Garden Roller Hire