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Flymo Lawn Mower Hire

Flymo is a very well-known brand of lawn mowers, most popular for their floating or hovering prowess. They are rotary push mowers that use a fan located above the blades that drives air in a downward motion when the blades are spinning.

This creates a cushion of air that lifts the lawn mower up off of the ground and allows it to hover. Flymo lawn mowers are very easily operated because of the hovering capabilities. They are very lightweight and are a good choice for those who cannot handle a heavier mower. Flymo lawn mower hire is very popular and many companies stock several Flymo models. They do not have wheels like other rotary and sit on lawn mowers so they maneuver around objects very easily. Those who have various garden adornments in their lawn will find Flymo lawn mowers to be very beneficial.

Flymo History

Flymo hover lawn mowers were invented in 1964 by Karl Dahlman. He came up with the idea after catching a glimpse of the Hovercraft machine designed by Sir Christopher Cockerell. Since their first introduction to consumers, Flymo rotary mowers have been among the most popularly chosen lawn mower types, particularly among the elderly, disabled and those who simply cannot push a traditional mower for other health reasons. The company has added many different models over the years.

Cost of Flymo Lawn Mower Hire

The actual cost of Flymo lawn mower hire will depend on many different factors, one of which is the company that you choose for your lawn mower hire. Typically, lawn mower hire runs around £25 per day and up depending on the specific mower that you choose. When determining your overall cost you will need to know how long you will be keeping the lawn mower. Many companies offer discounted rates on the second and third day of hire so check to see if the company you are using offers these discounts. Ride on mowers are often a bit more expensive than rotary mowers so keep this in mind as well. You can check online at various websites to get an idea of what your Flymo lawn mower hire will cost or telephone the companies in your area to inquire about the overall cost for hiring a Flymo lawn mower.

Different Types of Flymo Mowers

There are a few different models of Flymo mowers and each offers its own distinct advantages. The smaller and more lightweight models are perfect for those who have smaller yards and those who cannot push a traditional rotary mower. If you have a larger yard or simply need a mower with a bit more power then there are larger models available. Flymo provides rotary mowers in both electric and petrol powers so when hiring your lawn mower you will need to determine whether you prefer petrol or electric motors. Most companies that offer these mowers provide various different models so it should be very easy for you to find the specific Flymo lawn mower that you need for your lawn maintenance needs.


Flymo Lawn Mower Hire