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Flame Gun Hire

Flame guns are also known as flame burners and weed burners. Flame gun hire is available in many areas today and can have many different benefits. If you want a fast way to bring weeds under control then flame gun hire may be your best choice.

Flame guns come in various different types and choosing the right type to hire is important. You want to ensure that you get a large enough model to handle your weeds while keeping it small enough so that you can easily handle it yourself. Many styles are merely small portable torches with small propane tanks attached for flame power. The torches include the tank, torch and started all together. If you have smaller areas to clear then a smaller model is a good choice. If you have a larger area to clear however then you may need a more heavy duty model. These typically include a hose, a torch, a spark starter and an attachment that will allow you to attach a larger propane tank to the torch. Some models also have wheeling dolly carts along with backpacks that allow you to wear the tank on your back.

Using a Flame Gun Properly

It is important that you know and understand how to properly use a flame gun. This is especially important for flame gun hire as you want to be certain to take good care of the equipment that you hire to avoid any damage charges. Be certain that you pay attention to the burning regulations in your region and never use the flame gun around vegetation or mulch that is highly flammable. You will need to light the flame burner carefully and then simply turn on the propane to the desired level.

How Flame Guns Work

When used correctly, a flame gun can easily rid you of weeds. It may take a few rounds of burning the weeds before they die out, particularly for larger and thicker weeds. You may find that the tops of the weeds burn out but not the stalks. Take your time and ensure that you are killing the weeds all the way down to the roots to ensure that they do not come directly back.

Cost for Flame Gun Hire

The cost of flame gun hire will depend on where you get it, the specific size or model of flame gun that you choose and the length of time that you keep it. Different companies will offer different rates for renting flame guns. Most offer flame gun hire by the day and by the week. If you have a lot of weeds to burn then the weekly rate may be your least expensive option as it will allow you to work at your own pace and most lawn equipment hire companies offer substantial discounts for weekly rates as opposed to daily rates. The average daily cost for flame gun hire is around £20 but you can typically rent the tool for an entire week for only about £40, which is a much lower per day cost overall.


Flame Gun Hire