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Flail Mower Hire

A flail mower is an excellent tool for clearing thick grass and small saplings. This is a heavy duty tool and offers enough power to push through areas that would normally stop other mowers.

Most grounds managers know the importance of having a flail mower in the toolshed to take care of overgrown areas and many home owners use them for clearing and maintaining lawn and garden areas as well. A flail mower does not use blades like other lawn mowers. Instead, it uses banks of knives or flails. Flails are short pieces of metal that beat and then break off grass when in operation. When used at high speeds, these flails can clear even the toughest debris and vegetation very easily. Those saddled with the burden of clearing rough terrain will find a flail mower very beneficial. They offer self-propelled wheels that make using them very easy and help them to handle wet areas, ditches and slopes effectively.

Advantages of a Flail Mower

There are many advantages to using a flail mower over a rotary or ride on lawn mower. They can handle wet grassy areas that normal lawn mowers cannot. Most mowers will clog up and stop running when cutting through wet grass. Flail mowers however keep running because the discharge area of the flail mower runs the entire width of the machine. This keeps the machine from clogging and allows you to easily cut through wet grass and other vegetation. Flail mowers can also be used to remove thatch and various other debris. Professionals use them regularly for clearing work areas prior to building. If you need to clear heavily vegetated areas, flail mower hire may be just what you need as most people do not own a flail mower. They are fairly expensive pieces of equipment and many residents simply have no need for purchasing one. Instead, they choose to hire the equipment when needed which offers a cost effective advantage over owning.

Cost of Hiring a Flail Mower

The cost of flail mower hire is a bit more than the cost of rotary or ride on lawn mower hire. While you can typically hire a lawn mower for less than £50 per day, flail mower hire will run you around £100 or more per day. You may find many companies that offer a weekly rate that is much cheaper than hiring for each day. If you have a rather large area that needs to be cleared then a weekly rate may be the best choice. You should be able to hire a flail mower for around £200 per week, depending on the specific company. Check the internet as well as your phone book for various companies in your area that offer this equipment for hire. You can compare rates online from different companies if you are looking to find the cheapest rate. It is also a good idea to query the company to find out if they offer lower weekly rates, particularly if you feel that you will need the mower for more than one day.


Flail Mower Hire