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Keeping your lawn beautiful depends on a number of things. While you need to ensure that you maintain your lawn and keep the grass cut regularly you also need to focus on the overall health of your lawn.

One of the most important things that you can do to keep your lawn looking beautiful is to scarify it. Scarifying a lawn is simply removing dead grass as well as moss and other vegetation and debris and allowing the nutrients, water and air to reach the roots. This keeps your lawn healthy and beautiful. You can scarify your lawn with a hand rake if you do not own an electric lawn raker. Alternatively, you can find electric lawn raker hire and rent the tools needed to ensure the health of your lawn. There are many different models of electric lawn rakers on the market today and most lawn mower hire companies offer a variety of models and brand names.

Features to Consider

Just as there are many different brand names of electric lawn rakers today there are also a number of different features that you should be aware of. Of course, different brands will offer their own special features. The most important things that you should regard include the depth and blade adjustment and the motor as well as the storage facility and capabilities. The motor is very important as this is what will give you the power to completely scarify your lawn in as little time as possible. Motor capacities typically range from around 600 to 1500 watts. Petrol lawn rakers are available that offer more power if needed. When choosing electric lawn raker hire be sure that you inquire about the size of the motor and the additional features that the raker offers. The storage capability is an important factor to consider as well. Storage typically ranges from 30 to 60 litres. The larger storage units will allow you to work longer before they need to be emptied so if you have a larger lawn then a larger storage unit will be much more convenient. Electric rakers that have smaller storage units may be a bit less expensive to hire so for smaller lawns, keep this in mind. The storage unit will be either a material bag or a plastic box. Some rakers offer both options and the actual unit material is really dependent on what you prefer.


As with any equipment hire, electric lawn raker hire is going to vary from company to company. It will also vary depending on the size of the equipment that you hire and the length of time that you need it. Check with the company that you choose to see about weekly or weekend rates if a one day hire is not going to be long enough for your needs. Typically, you can hire an electric lawn raker for around £15 per day or £25 per week. Again, this will depend on the specific company that you choose as well as the size of the raker that you hire.


Electric Lawn Raker Hire