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Electric Lawn Mower Hire

Electric lawn mower hire is an excellent way to keep your lawn and garden area in good shape if you do not own your own lawn mower. It is important to understand that electric lawn mowers are typically not recommended for larger lawns. They are more suited for smaller areas because they do require electric power.

Some may use batteries that need to be charged which will do away with the needs for cords running in and around your lawn while you are mowing but they do need to be charged quite often. Most will find that they can use an electric lawn mower for about an hour or so before charging is needed, which is perfect for those with smaller lawns. Businesses and residents alike can benefit from electric lawn mower hire and there are a variety of benefits of using electric lawn mowers as opposed to petrol powered mowers.

Benefits of Electric Lawn Mowers

The main advantage of using electric lawn mowers as opposed to petrol mowers is the benefit to the economy. There are no gas fumes or exhaust coming from electric mowers so they are much cleaner to use. They also emit less noise than petrol powered mowers. For those who live in flats or areas with many other houses, less noise is very beneficial. They are more lightweight than other mowers as well so they are much easier to push and pull and therefore easier to use overall. Of course, they help you to save money by not requiring petrol to run but you will use a bit of energy to keep them going. The costs are typically about the same for petrol and energy so the advantages listed above should help you to make your choice of electric over petrol.

Costs for Hiring Electric Mowers

Most electric lawn mower hire can be done for around £25 per day. Of course this will depend on where you hire the mower as well as how long you need to keep it. Most smaller lawns can easily be mowed in a day or less. If you do require additional time however, many companies will charge you much less for additional days than for the first day. For example, you may find that you only have to pay £10 or less for additional days when you hire the mower for the first day. You should determine beforehand approximately how long it will take you to mow your lawn before you hire the mower. Many companies charge late fees that will be more than the charge for additional days so if you feel that you need the mower for more than one day you should be certain to hire it for two or more days to begin. This will help you to save money on the late fees. Check with various companies in your area by phoning them or go online and look at various websites that offer electric lawn mower hire in your area. This will help you to find a mower that is available when you need it as well as the lowest rates on the hire.


Electric Lawn Mower Hire